Friday, October 1, 2010

Why women conceal their age

So simple, yet so complex; so weak, yet so powerful; so confusing, yet so confident; so damning, yet so lovable and in nutshell 'so elderly and, yet so young' - are known traits of women's life, the most tremendous object of the whole creation.The woman - 'the beauty' of the universe' has been visualized by the famous verse, "wajood e zun say hay kainat main rung". Adorned with all of the salient features, she has said to be as 'complex in nature', with the reasoning she by and large disliked to talk about her real age in the society.
The proof is evident from the fact that the person has to face the music who dares to call her as an 'Antie'. So to avoid any unfavorable consequences, one has to be contented by calling her 'miss' or madam, but remember 'not cross the limit'.
A legendary singer of Sub-continent was so touchy over the 'issue' that she, in her life time, had strictly forbidden her grand-children from calling her 'Nano' (grandmother), even did not allow them to come in front of her when she was among masses or in a singing concert.
She demonstrated the real practice of this 'worldly wisdom' by going to the extent that wrong information was given in the Identity Card as she did not want to disclose that her illustrious mother had grown up daughter- a reference to her ageing mother.
The problem is not restricted with the celebrities only; it has also influenced the common folk. In some societies, women are also witnessed to reduce the risk of 'exposing' by placing their off springs away in the public. If the 'sad incident' occurred, they didn't refuse to recognize them but just be contented in calling the child as 'nephew or niece'. That's all.
The best way to defeat the complexity, is going to the Parlour, to hide the "manufacturing faults" through laser therapy or other modern techniques. 'Best ever' beauticians always ensure them to bring them in 'normal life' after 2, 3 visits (sittings), like a look of a model.
Such age complex pinches, particularly pretty the women who seek eternal beauty , who want to take advantage of their good looks and exploit the emotions of opposite sex for succeeding in life.
So, they fear that any wrinkle appearing on their face may eclipse their beauty in the sense that their chances of succeeding in life would diminish.
Women should know that no one can defeat time, nor save themselves from its implications which makes them aged but experienced persons. They should understand that every age has its own beauty, charm and grace.
Let's have a look on celebrities. Marilyn Monroe, an American actress, singer had committed suicide in a fear of getting older, it is said. Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, used to take pills of vitamin C in the early age of 30, to become more fresh and avoid wrinkles on her face.
This is not a phenomenon of West as the 'age phobia' also did not spare the actresses of Sub-continent. "Should I tell clearly about my age, well, It is 23" surprised Pakistani film actress, Noor while replying a question.
Those actresses always agree to disagree over their age to the media, particularly. Ironically, they used to make register wrong age in their Identity Cards even, declaring it a 'severe mistake of their parents' when they were born.
A leading film actress associated with a well-known film director for last 15 years claims that she is still in early twenties. "Most of the actresses hide their age, which is a bad practice.I do not believe in such things. Look I am 21, why should I hide my age then", said the ageing beauty in an interview with a national daily.
While talking on the issue, Moniba, a local journalist said, "Why you blame the women only, men too try to hide their age". However, the irritated Journalist just cooled down by saying "it's natural phenomenon of human beings because every woman wants to overcome her inferiority complex so naturally she tries to avoid disclosing her real age - to gain more importance in the society perhaps".
Maryyam, another journalist working for a TV channel said women do this not by choice but by compulsion. The reason being, no woman likes to appear older and loose people's attention, especially when looking for her life partner or getting promotion at work field.
A psychologist, Hameed Khan while commenting said, almost same feelings found on the part of men but they some what remain lesser conscious as compared to women. "Perhaps in this hypocritic society, they have to face fewer problems than the fair sex."
In short both men and women have to be prepared to deal with the social stigmas and which are, sadly, particularly related to women in our society.

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